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About CYBORG 009

It began with an abduction...

Awakening in a futuristic military installation with no memory of who he is or how he got there, a young man known only as Cyborg 009 has been stripped by his captors of not only his freedom but his very humanity. His body augmented by cybernetic technology, Cyborg 009 joins forces with 8 others who have suffered the same fate as he, Cyborgs 001- 008. United, they set off on a journey to learn the truth of why they were turned into weapons of mass destruction, and in the process, prevent a conflict perpetrated by the very organization that made them what they are: a global consortium of war profiteers known as The Black Ghost. Fighting for their own futures and the rest of the World at large, they’re thrown into a perilous conflict that could very well be the start of World War III.

A sci-fi action adventure of epic proportions based on the world renowned manga series, Cyborg 009 is a fresh take on the beloved classic by Shotaro Ishinomori. The original has achieved worldwide acclaim, and writers F.J. DeSanto and Bradley Cramp bring it to life for modern readers with stunning artwork by Marcus To and Eisner Award-nominee Ian Herring, and featuring handdrawn sound effects and lettering by Eisner Award-nominee Deron Bennett.

The universal themes of human nature and our preoccupation with war are as inescapable as they are timeless. While our cyborg heroes possess incredible powers and abilities, they are still real people with hopes and fears not unlike our own. Their humanity elevates CYBORG 009 from simply being a cautionary tale of a future where power is valued above all to a story about the people who are willing to sacrifice all they have to do what is right.

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Born in Ishinomori, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan on January 25, 1938...

Shotaro Onodera was a prodigy in the Japanese comics industry, submitting works to Mainichi Junior High School Newspaper and Manga Shonen magazine as early as 12 years old. His diligence and unique talent led to his first professional job in the industry as an art assistant to the legendary Osamu Tezuka, creator of the manga masterpiece Astro Boy. He was still in high school when he made his professional manga debut in 1954 with Second Class Angel. Upon his debut, Shotaro took on the professional name of Ishinomori in homage to his beloved hometown, which today is the home of a museum built in his honor.

He was a prominent figure in the manga industry for decades, working in varying genres and using his chosen medium to spread a universal message of positivity throughout the world. His tremendous impact on Japanese and worldwide entertainment was immense. Ishinomori innovated the extremely popular concept of Sentai (“battle teams”) with his classic titles Cyborg 009, Kikaider, Himitsu Sentei Gorenger (the original version of Power Rangers), and introduced the world of manga to it’s first antihero, Skullman, thus creating new standards in manga storytelling.

With a love of cinema and an understanding of the modern world, he branched out to the screens of Japan as one of the founders of the animation company Studio Zero and adapted several of his manga properties for live action television. His most successful creation, Kamen Rider (aka Masked Rider), was launched simultaneously as a manga and television series in 1971, making it one of the world’s first transmedia properties. Over the course of 41 years, more than a thousand episodes of Kamen Rider and 39 feature films have been produced. It is now the number one boys merchandise seller in Japan. Ishinomori’s creations have been produced in over 105 different movies and television series.

In 1980, he celebrated the amazing milestones of drawing his 70,000th page and his 25th anniversary of entering the comics industry, and his work continued until his untimely passing in 1998. Aside from Cyborg 009, Ishinomori’s legendary body of work includes: Flying Phantom Ship, Ganbare!! Robocon, 009-1, Transforming Ninja Arashi, Gilgamesh, Hotel, Inazuman, Miracle Giants Dome-kun, Robot Detective, Sabu to Ichi Torimono Hikae, Sarutobi Ecchan, Seiun Kamen Machineman, Space Ironmen Kyodain, and Voicelugger. His work covered a vast number of genres, from sci-fi to spy, and even includes a series of graphic biographical pieces of musicians and bands. His list of awards throughout his illustrious career include The Kodansha Children’s Manga Awardwinner, 2-time Shogakukan Manga Award-winner, The Grand Prix of the Japan Cartoonists Association Award-winner, The Nakada-cho Honorary Town Resident Prize-winner, The Academy Grand Prix Awardwinner, The Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize-winner, The Special Manga Award winner. Shotaro Ishinomori is also registered in The Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest number of comics published by a single author (770 titles and 128,000 pages of material).

Shotaro Ishinomori passed away on January 28th, 1998, in Japan.

History of CYBORG 009


Shotaro Ishinomori's CYBORG 009 first appears in
Monthly Shonen King magazine in Japan on July 19th, 1964.


The first Cyborg 009 animated feature film is released in Japan.

This is followed by a second film, Cyborg 009: Monster Wars in 1967.

The first Cyborg 009 animated television series is released in Japan.

26 episodes are produced.

A second television series is released, along with a third animated feature film, Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Vortex in 1980.

50 episodes of the new series are produced, spawning a radio drama which aired on Kirin Radio Theater.

The third Cyborg 009 animated television series is released worldwide.

51 episodes are produced, running on TV Tokyo, Animax, and The Cartoon Network.

The latest animated feature film, 009 RE:Cyborg is released in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea.

Produced by Production I.G., Sanzigen, and Ishimori Productions, written and directed by Kenji Kamiyama.

A brand new incarnation of Ishinomori's classic is developed by Archaia Entertainment. Cyborg 009 is released in North America and Japan.

A new generation of fans grows around this new "Westernized" re-imagining of the series, created in full creative cooperation with Ishimori Productions.

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